Sorry for not posting for a while. I got too excited once I got my medication :). We’re just starting on estradol right now rather than any blockers, probably so they can check my levels first. Going slow is fine for me since hopefully family will acclimate by then.


It feels like a lot about transitioning (relatively) smoothly is about timing and I always worry about that aspect.


Also I had no idea Miriam Webster were awesome??  They’re a pretty witty twitter feed anyway.


More Transitions

Vocal training today (Tuesday). Wednesday doctor visit.  Exciting!




But mostly exciting 🙂

Life of Bria

I’m just going to make this plug official because she’s probably one of the nicest, coolest, and most helpful people I’ve met online.


She’s also way more talented than me!


Go check out lifeofbria.com. She has some neat ideas on transitioning (and knowledge!!) that can be pretty inspiring at times.


Anyway, since I’m supposed to be talking about the arts, how about–Life of Brian huh?


Pretty clever movie right??


One day I’ll make it through the whole thing…but until then, always look on the bright side of life!

More News

Doctor delayed visit by a week. Sucks! But it definitely could be worse. First World Problems.


Anyway Steven Universe today.


oh my god.


It’s such a good show. Oh sure the first episodes start slow but I’m starting to feel that’s a sign of a good creative team that’s willing to be patient. I guess if you’re here this is pretty much preaching to the choir but just in case it isn’t.


Three alien moms (or two alien moms and one alien big sister) take in this little boy (reincarnation/son of his deceased/reincarnated into a lion maybe mother?) and teach him about his culture and how to use his powers while simultaneously endangering him and trying to keep him safe.


Yeah it’s a hard show to quickly summarize. I heard of Steven Universe ages ago but I didn’t really know anything about it until I heard about someone talking about ‘Alone Together’ so I checked it out and checked it out and


I can’t stop. It’s a great show about peace and love that is optimistic but not naively so. There’s also a continual mystery of sorts going on–not in the whodunnit sense but in the ‘what is going on in this universe’ sense. Nostalgia Critic has put up a bunch of great reviews on it.


I even like Lars and Ronaldo!! But admittedly they aren’t the highlights of the show. Pearl and Garnet are my favorites for different reasons. Garnet is more of an ideal whereas Pearl is more flawed but and needy but it makes sense and Pearl has her own badass moments besides.


I hope we see more Amethyst stuff as the show goes on. She’s a good character but I feel we haven’t truly quite reached her core like we have the others yet.


Gonna add more links when I’ve got the chance.




Pride? PRIDE?

Went to a pride event for the first time. It was fun! Everyone was nice. I got tired after a few hours and went home though I did win a bunch of free mexican food from the raffle.

The music was pretty good too. I got a CD! I got a CD for someone else because they seemed old and in need of a CD.


Apparently there’s a video out there going on about how ‘sin’ isn’t a ‘civil right’. There’s even grainy black and white footage of a girl in the bathroom. What were the filmmakers doing following a little girl in the bathroom with cameras? Were they up to no good? They sound nefarious to me.  Someone indeterminate leaves a stall and the girl looks at them. It’s very scary. The girl looks briefly stunned which she must be protected from.


Anyway they intend to boycott Target on June 4th. I think on June 4th we should have a ‘buy stuff from Target’ day and while you’re there, use the bathrooms.


Sense8 (spoilers)

So about Sense8. Spoilers coming.


It’s funny, it has a diverse cast, it’s an interesting setup that should be impossible to pull off but somehow they do it. There are some characters I could live without but the others make up for it in spades. I was not expecting to fall for ‘VAN Damme’. Or Lito for that matter.


The series seems to put a lot of focus on the cop and the lady from New Zealand but to be honest, Nomi and Lito and their respective circles just steal the show for me. Granted, is it a bit out of nowhere that Nomi turns into a MASTER HACKER? Yes, though there seems to be a fair amount of ‘Matrix’ to her arc here that might be telling. Does Lito really participate much in other stories? Not really but it does allow him to focus more on his own story. Many of the other characters spend more time as the ensemble and so their own stories take a bit of a backseat to the greater story which, unfortunately, is of less interest to me than their personal arcs.


Yes, yes, this old guy is out to get them. It’s spooky and such, clearly a dangerous threat…


But so far he doesn’t really have much of his own personality. Or story. He’s just this looming threat. And he works like that, but Lito’s personal nemesis is much more interesting. Oh he’s a total jerkwad but he admires Lito at first because of his persona. ‘How can  I beat you? You’re the ultimate man!’. It is not the typical line you see in these sorts of stories. You’d expect him to go straight to assault but it isn’t until he finds Lito doesn’t actually subscribe to the kind of manliness he expects that he goes back on the offensive. Like many jerks, he at first comes off as charming. Many do. I have been charmed by many evil people in my life because they had this energetic irreverence to them. They could be clever, polite, deferential…


Then you’d learn they saw you or your friends (or both) as subhuman creatures.


There is no ‘ultimate man’ of course and if there was, I’d argue that Lito likely throwing away his career not for sex (he has no guarantee he’d be taken back by his boyfriend) but to protect a friend who by all accounts has put him in trouble to begin with…


Well I’d say that’s way ‘manlier’ than any of his characters, no matter how many ridiculous guntricks he’d pull (again, some self-effacing over the Matrix??).


I could go on forever about it. I guess I’ll just quickly add that I liked the addition of the TERF in the early episodes.  Like, it’s good to recognize people like that exist?



First blog post

This is supposed to be about entertainment and I really want to talk about Sense8 but you ever feel like everything that we have that’s working is just barely working? Like 911 calls, I learned from John Oliver that it’s a bit of a crapshoot whether they’ll be able to even receive your call depending on your location and if they can even find you as their funds might be diverted towards the general fund.


Today I went to get bloodwork done only to find that the person I was going to get it done for didn’t order them and in fact couldn’t order them and I had to go to my primary care to get it done except they didn’t know what kind of bloodwork needed to be done and had to get back in touch with the other doctor.




Anyway tomorrow is an on topic post.